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Does this look complicated?  It's worse than it looks, but that's OK because I like a good challenge. If your firearm is broken, worn out, in need of some TLC, or just needs a good cleaning, I'm your man.  I have been fascinated by firearms my entire life and love to see what makes them tick.  I guarantee if you leave your gun with me, it is in good hands and you will be happy with the results of any work done to it.  I like to leave things better than I found them.



As a stocking dealer for Liberty Gun Safes, I have a full selection of beautiful safes designed to protect your firearms, collectibles, important documents, cash, coins, bullion...  Why have your valuables in a safe deposit box that you might not have access to when you need them?  I also offer delivery and in home installation.  Please inquire about details.



As a certifed gun smith, I offer many services such as simple repairs, parts manufacturing, metal finishing, wood finishing, stock repair/replacement, and sight installation to name a few.  I also perform many accuracy and reliability improvements such as trigger smooth and tune, pillar bedding, barrel lapping, action blue printing, and more. 


I am fond of the look and feel of old firearms as well but sometimes a complete restoration is just what the doctor ordered.  If you like the old guns but want them to look and function like a new one, bring it in. If you want to get that old gun functioning reliably but want to maintain its historical value, we can do that too.  I will do whatever it is that you want done.

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