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Blinds and Safes...

Liberty Safes

Do you know that most insurance policies exclude guns or severly limit coverage that might cover just a few guns?  Why pay more every single month to cover your investment when all of your valuables could be secure from theft and fire.  Liberty Safes are the number one manufacturer of gun safes in the US.  All Liberty safes are made in the USA and are UL fire and theft rated so you know that your posessions are safe.  Liberty even provides a lifetime warranty on there safe that protects you from theft and fire.  If your safe is damaged by fire or an attempted breakin, Liberty will replace your safe at no charge!  Try to find a warranty better than that.  As a stocking dealer for Liberty, we offer many different sizes, colors, and fire rated safes that can fill your need.  We also carry a full line of accessories to organize your new or existing safe so you can really pack it in.


Slayer Blinds

As a new comer to the block, these box blinds are quickly being slated as the best built blind on the market.  If you want to take your hunting comfort to the next level, come in and check out these new elevated blinds.  These blinds offer enough room for several hunters and a camera person, or maybe the whole family.  The aluminum and fiberglass construction will provide many, many years of outdoor entertainment.  If fact, the exterior walls are made of material that has a 50 year gaurantee.  An abundance of windows lets you see what's going on outside, while also allowing you to block out the ones not in use to keep the wind out, heat and scent in, and control the lighting in the blind.

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