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Automatic Weapons & Suppressors...

Ready to try your hand at something a little more entertaining?  Weapons capable of fully automatic fire can be owned by residents of Nebraska with the purchase of a Special Occupational Tax.  Hardline will help you process the paperwork necessary to legally acquire and own these fantastic firearms for fun or investment.


Suppressors are also a handy accessory that will help keep peace in the neighborhood by reducing the level of noise coming from your firing range.  Suppressors also protect your hearing by reducing the sharp report of rifles, handguns, and shotguns.  Many times, they even improve the accuracy of your firearm and allow you to use loads that otherwise might not work in your firearm.  These many benefits of suppressors make them a valuable investment that should be added to any gun collection. Hardline Guns and Gear can help find the right suppressor for your application. 


Peruse the gallery above for our latest collections of Autos and Supressors.

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